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Evolve occupies a state-of-the-art 75,000squarefoot facility, equipped with ISO 14644-certified cleanrooms. Our Fremont location, the historic and growing manufacturing center of Silicon Valley, helps improve design and engineering collaboration and effectiveness while protecting ownership of our customers invaluable intellectual property.

Product spotlight

Evolve’s dedicated customer teams use DFX methodologies, and state-of-the-art, end-to-end quality processes, including AI inspection, plus world-class materials suppliers to ensure consistent and high product quality. 

Breath Direct

Critical care ventilators

Evolve partnered with BreathDirect to meet the COVID-19 demand for a cost-effective, long-term critical care ventilator, built for the ICU and capable of a full continuum of respiratory support. The design allows more medical staff to easily operate the device without the need for a specialist—representing a major shift in the broader medical device industry.


Providence Medical Technology

Cervical spinal solutions

Providence Medical Technology designs innovative solutions for cervical spinal conditions. In partnership with Evolve, all four of Providence’s clinical products were manufactured locally, near their headquarters in Silicon Valley. The continual collaboration facilitated building dynamic and responsive infrastructure and rigorous manufacturing processes that aided rapid distribution to hospitals to deliver life-changing surgeries.

Our products

We manufacture complex medical devices and life sciences instruments at our 75,000 square foot facility in Silicon Valley.

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